Thin Film Coating

Established in the 1960‘s HHV has 50 years of expertise in the design and manufacture of high vacuum systems and equipment for research and industrial applications. HHV products include laboratory and industrial-scale vacuum coating systems for optical, decorative and functional coatings, 3.7 metre astronomical telescope mirror coaters, space simulation chambers and vacuum furnaces for metals production plus PECVD and RIE systems for electronics and MEMS research. HHV is a manufacturer of precision-coated optical components for special and custom applications.

Auto 306

Versatility for the researcher and the electron microscopist

The HHV Auto306 is a versatile and compact coating system which has been developed to meet the demands of the researcher and electron microscopist.
With its full range of vacuum systems, chamber and modular process accessories the Auto306 offers a range of techniques to complement the modern laboratory.
Auto306 is available with glass bell jar and glass cylinder chamber options. Also available is the versatile FL400 front-loading box chamber which provides additional height and width for the fitting of extra process accessories.

Customers can specify from a wide range of modular process accessories which include thermal resistance sources and power supplies, the 3kW EB3 electron beam source, source shutters, work holders and film thickness monitors.

The vacuum system is controlled and monitored by a rugged PLC with touch screen for easy operation. Pumping options include diffusion, turbo and cryo pumps with oil-sealed or dry scroll backing pumps. An integrated high vacuum valve with backup

Auto 500

Auto500 is a versatile front-loading coating system with box chamber for research & development or pre-production applications. The chamber accommodates large diameter substrates and allows a range of resistance evaporation, electron beam and sputter processes to be performed without breaking vacuum.

The front-loading chamber is mounted on a pedestal which also houses the vacuum system. A rugged PLC is used to control the vacuum while a full-height 19” equipment rack places the PLC screen and process accessory controls within easy reach of the operator.

The Auto500 can be configured with a single source or for multiple sources of different types to provide the user with great flexibility. The system can be upgraded with more or different accessories as requirements change.

The range of deposition sources is complemented by a range of work holders which provide for sample rotation, high-temperature heating and substrate bias.

A range of diffusion, turbo-molecular and cryo pumps is available to suit the widest range of requirements. Auto500 is also available with dry pumps for oil-free vacuum.

Auto500 Lab Coater

Auto 500 Glovebox Coater

HHV Auto500GB deposition system for glove box integration

The Auto500GB is designed for integration into glove boxes which are used where oxygen or water vapour-intolerant electronic materials are to be coated. The system is fitted with a special chamber to allow straightforward integration into glove boxes from most major manufacturers. The chamber is fitted with a vertically-opening front door which allows access from the glove box, while a hinged rear door allows access for service without compromising the glove box atmosphere.

Source options include resistance, sputter and electron beam  plus a range of temperature-controlled effusion sources for the deposition of organic materials.

TF500, TF600, TF800 Box Coaters

The HHV TF500, TF600 and TF800 are developed for enhanced levels of process capability. A choice of chamber sizes and accessories, deposition techniques, work holders, load locks and pumping options allow the system to be configured to your exact needs. TF500 allows multiple sources to be accommodated while TF600 and TF800 add the benefits of ion beam processing. All systems are available with load lock options.

The range of process accessories includes resistance sources and electron beam sources, plus RF and DC sputter sources. Ion source options include RF and DC variants with narrow-beam for etch and broad-beam for surface modification.

Both systems are fitted with stainless steel chambers which have the high vacuum pump mounted on the rear. The top plate and bottom plates are designed specifically to give the optimum arrangement for each customer and can simultaneously accommodate resistance, e-beam and sputter sources. Dedicated sputter systems can be configured for upward or downward deposition.

Control options include a PLC-controlled vacuum system and manually-operated process accessories for simplicity, or a PC-based system which provides users with advanced functions such as recipe control and data logging. Pumping options include scroll pumps, dry turbo pumps and cryo pumps.

Cluster PECVD Tools


CT150 is a cluster tool for the deposition of silicon layer for thin film & Hetro-junction Intrinsic Thin layer (HIT) solar cells, metals, metal oxides, metal nitrides, dielectrics, and other materials for nanotechnology applications.

CT150 has four process chambers for different PECVD & PVD processes. Substrate handling is provided by magnetically-coupled transfer arms with options for automation.

CT150 PECVD Tool