Spectroscopy Solutions

Cuvettes (Quartz, Glass & Plastic)

UV/VIS Cuvette (Macro, Semi, Micro and Disposables)

Flurometer Cuvette (Macro, Semi, Micro and Disposables)

Cylindrical polarimeter cell

Colorimeter cell

Refractometer cell

ICP & ICPMS Sample Introduction System


Torch (Standard & Demountable)

Spray Chamber

IsoMist Programmable Temperature Spray Chamber

ICPMS Cones (Nickel /Platinum Skimmer and Sampler Cone)

RF Coil

Peristaltic Pump Tubing

Lamp and Accessories

Hollow Cathode Lamp (1.5” and 2”)

Detector Lamp (UV/VIS, Tungsten and Deuterium)

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