Automated Sample Preparation and Analysis


The FREESTYLE system is probably the most adaptable robotic equipment for sample preparation on the market. With this almost universally applicable system range, numerous processing steps can be automated.


As an example automation suits ideally in the areas of food, animal feed, environmental, and forensics analysis conducted in pharmaceutical laboratories or other fields of application.


The FREESTYLE system takes on daily routine tasks in the laboratory, but also offers users a unique opportunity to combine specific working steps that were previously carried out individually.

Flexible Configuration and Combination

Many Racks, Plenty of Choice

The Software

The Core of the System

All FREESTYLE modules come with the same user interface, thus the system can be expanded with new modules by a simple mouse click. The operation of the software is very easy and intuitive through drag & drop. Manual methods can be transferred directly to the system. Already defined methods can be saved and reused or modified afterwards. A prioritisation of urgent samples is possible at any time, even during operation.

The FREESTYLE EVAporation Module

The FREESTYLE system with EVAporation module concentrates all types of organic solvents around the clock to a precise end volume between 5.0 mL and 0.2 mL, optional with solvent exchange. The end volume can be selected individually for each sample.


The Robotic System for Fully Automated Mycotoxin Analysis

FREESTYLE ThermELUTE™ allows complete automation of sample preparation and analysis of Aflatoxins B1, B2, G1, G2 and M1 as well as Ochratoxin A and Zearalenone in all regulated matrices


Automated QuEChERS-Method à la LCTech

QuEChERS à la LCTech for Food and Feed Samples

FREESTYLE QuEChERS System With the fast, simple, cheap, effective, robust, and safe QuEChERS method à la LCTech you can automate the sample clean-up of your pesticide analysis with exactly these characteristics.


Less manual work in combination with a high clean-up efficiency makes the new method even more straightforward than the conventional QuEChERS method.

The FREESTYLE SPE Module – An Ingenious Principle

Automated Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)

In almost every analytical laboratory, samples are routinely cleaned via SPE columns in order to obtain clean solutions for subsequent analysis or analyte concentration. The automation is the perfect solution to simplify these routine working steps, to obtain the reproducibility of the results, and to receive good recoveries.


Automated Gel Permeation Chromatography Clean-up

Sample clean-up via GPC (gel permeation chromatography) is used for all samples in the analysis of residues and contaminants and is therefore universally applicable.


Automated Sample Preparation for Water Analysis

XANA applies the pressure – up to 4 bar when loading onto SPE columns In water analysis large-volume or particulate-laden samples often have to be handled. The robotic system FREESTYLE XANA has been specifically developed for sample preparation of large-volume water samples, for example of drinking water, raw water or river water.


With a positive pressure of up to 4 bar during loading, samples with suspended matter in many cases can also be pushed through the SPE columns. Without the need for supervision, the system processes samples reliably over 24 hours and 7 days / week through all stages beginning with the raw sample up to filling into GC vials.

LCTech Vacuum Manifold EluVac System

EluVac vacuum manifold allows simultaneuos processing up to 20 samples applying vacuum and suitable for handling large sample volumes. It is the ideal solution for enriching and isolating analyses in the SPE.


It can be used for the cleanup of food, feed and environmental samples as well as in the areas of pharmaceutical industry, medicine, biotechnology or material research.

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