Purge and Trap Sample Systems

Lumin Purge and Trap Concentrator

The fundamentals of Purge and Trap are time proven. By bubbling a purge gas through your sample matrix, the VOCs are removed and collected on an analytical trap. After the purging is complete, the trap is heated and the VOCs are released and delivered to a gas chromatograph for separation and detection. The Lumin uses components that are absolutely essential to perform a successful Purge and Trap analysis; those being an electronic mass flow controller (MFC), superior trapping technology, and inert sample pathway.


The heart and soul of all of our Purge and Trap Systems is the Teledyne Hastings Mass Flow Controller. The MFC delivers the purge gas with unmatched precision and accuracy. The most advantageous feature of utilizing the MFC is the ability to instantaneously change the gas flows via the Teklink software, at any time during the Purge and Trap process.


The Teledyne Tekmar U-shaped trap offers trapping benefits that have never been seen before by Purge and Trap concentrators. The U-shaped trap is capable of adsorbing the VOCs of interest while minimizing the collection of unwanted compounds, such as water. The ultra-fast trap heater ensures that the U-shaped trap is desorbed rapidly and the VOCs are delivered to the GC system quickly. Just as importantly, the Lumin cools the trap faster than ever, thanks to an improved fan, and dedicated ductwork. These features allow precise control of the trap cooling air, reducing total run time and increasing sample throughput.


The key to minimizing carryover is the Lumin’s inert sample pathway. The tubing and fittings have been treated to provide unprecedented low carryover which permits the user to calibrate with more confidence.

AQUATek 100

The AQUATek 100 is a purge and trap autosampler that automates the sample preparation steps for the analysis of liquid samples utilizing a fixed volume sample loop filled using a pressurization gas. Two independent volume programmable internal standards are then added to the sample and the entire aliquot is transferred to the Purge and Trap for compound concentration and subsequent separation and detection using a GC/GC-MS quantification system.

Atomx XYZ

The Atomx XYZ is the second generation combined soil/water autosampler and purge and trap concentrator system in the Tekmar VOC product family. It is the only instrument of its kind to employ a unique automated methanol extraction feature for high level soils in accordance with USEPA Method 5035. Methanol rinsing, dilutions capability and three standard addition vessels all come standard on the Atomx XYZ. While priced competitively, the system offers unique features that cannot be found on any other sample prep system on the market today.


The AQUATek LVA is a full automation solution for routine analysis of waters by purge and trap concentration. It utilizes a fixed volume loop that is filled with liquid sample, internal and/or surrogate standards are added, and then the sample is transferred to the Lumin or Stratum PTC. Upon completion of the purge step by the concentrator, the AQUATek LVA then initiates a clean up cycle where the sample loop and concentrator sparger are cleaned with 90o C water via the two-stage water heater.


The AQUATek LVA offers all the capabilities you need for compliance with USEPA Methods for the analysis of aqueous volatile organic samples, including a true closed-system technique for sample handling and vial cooling. The closed-system sampling technique and vial chiller ensure the integrity of the sample during the sample preparation process, greatly minimizing volatile organics loss as well as reducing labor cost.

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