Automated Preparation System

CETAC SimPrep Simple Automated Prep System

The SimPrep automated sample dilution system does more than just mixing and dispensing; it can automatically create:


Calibration curves from predefined dilution factors

Serial dilutions

Internal standard additions

1 to 1 and 1 to many sample transfers (splitting)

Acidified samples


Wide range of syringes from 20 μL to 50mL

A single system can serve multiple techniques such as ICP-MS, ICP, AA, Colorimeter, IC, FIA

An extra autosampler – easily switch between sample prep and sample anaylsis with a switching USB hub.

Homogenous dilutions up to 2000x

Carryover < 0.01%

Precision 100% at <0.2%

Accuracy 100% ±1%

Linearity r2 = > 0.999996 over wide ranges

CETAC ASX – 560 Autosampler

Put the most reliable, longest-lasting autosampler to work in your lab for the seemingly endless demands of sample analyses.

Polymer cover, base and sample tray

Carbon fiber arm and z-drive

No exposed metal parts

Flowing rinse station with on-board peristaltic pump

10 standards positions for 50mL vials

Flexible sample rack configurations

Fast, fluid movement

Multiple accessory options

Key Features

Chemically resistant materials

Optional dual rinse station

Fluid mechanical operation

Configurable XYZ movement

Dust Cover Enclosure (optional)

CETAC Oils 7600 Homogenizing Autosamplers

Oils 7600 Homogenizing Autosampler allows 2 sample matrices to be introduced to an ICP instrument from the same system. Boasting a dual port rinse station fed by 2 separate peristaltic pump, it can change between oils and coolants testing on demand.

A stirring paddle mounted next to the sample probe efficiently mixes each sample and, with sample probe, is cleaned at the rinse station.

Analyze 2 samples per minute with ASXPRESS PLUS rapid sample introduction for ASTM 5185 and ASTM 6130 testing

An improved drip cup allows sample drip capture and retention to eliminate cross contamination at faster XYZ movement

An improved drip cup captures and retain any sample droplets, eliminating cross contamination while probe and stirrer move over the sample tubes. It uses cam shaft to provide smoother movement and also has an internal lip to ensure liquid retention while moving at higher speeds

Used oil coolant samples can be analyzed from the same automation with a sliding rinse station.

For Oil testing, the probe and stirrer are rinsed in ports fed from a peristaltic pump with kerosene or white spirit.

For coolants testing, the rinse station slides over and engages a second peristaltic pump that delivers an approciate rinse agents such as water or nitric acid.

By changing the sample probe, stirring paddle and ICP glassware, the analyst can switch from oils testing to collants testing within 5 minutes.

CETAC MVX 7100 μL Workstation

The MVX-7100 µL Workstation offers highly consistent, syringe driven, low volume and configurable flow rate sample introduction for quadrupole based, high resolution and multi-collector ICP-MS instrumentation.  This technology opens the door to samples of limited volume and batch analysis of volatile sample types.

Introduce sample aliquots from less than 5 µL to greater than 1.5 mL

The MVX-7100 µL Workstation is compatible with any nebulizer type

  • The user controls the introduction flow rate between:
    • Total consumption nebulization (< 5 µL min-1)
    • “Standard” nebulization (> 1 mL min-1)
  • Expand your analyte suite and generate more data from less material for low sample volumes
  • Allow multiple repeat measurements from a low sample volume

Ensure sample integrity across an analytical batch

  • Ensure sample integrity across an analytical batch
    • Septum piercing of sealed sample vials
  • Control sample temperature between 4°C to 40°​C
    • Minimize sample evaporation of volatile organic matrices
    • Minimize losses of volatile analytes
    • Inhibit the crystallization of high freezing point solvents (such as DMSO) in analysis
  • Homogenize samples immediately prior to sample introduction

CETAC APS 7450V Volumetric Sample Prep Station

Improves the wear metals workflow

  • 20 seconds per sample for a 1:10 dilution with a final volume of 5mL
  • Excellent precision, accuracy and reproducibility
  • Consistent performance across a wide range of viscosities
  • Intuitive software
  • Automated sample mixing
  • Accommodates a variety of sample bottles, cups or tubes
  • Dilution range 5× to 100×
  • < 1% carryover

Maintain sample integrity

Sample homogenization

Customize sample routines

Simplify preparation

Reduce cost

CETAC SDXHPLD High Performance Liquid Dilution

The SDXHPLD system combines the ASX-560 autosampler with a high precision syringe pump for both aliquot and diluent, but goes an additional step using a novel vortex mixing accessory prior to sample introduction to ICP and ICP-MS.

Vortex mixing promotes homogenization of a sample to ensure accurate and precise analysis following dilution, whatever the sample matrix. The resulting fully homogenized dilution improves data quality over in-line combination.

Prescriptive Dilution (2x to 5000x)

  • Saves laboratory staff time and effort
  • Accurate and precise unknown sample dilution
  • Calibration standard dilution

Responsive and Intelligent Dilution

  • Automated re-analysis and sample introduction for:
    • Samples exceeding calibration range
    • Samples with supressed internal standard

Realtime Sample Homogenization Prior to Introduction

  • Supports sample homogeneity and data integrity for matrices that may settle

CETAC ASXPRESS®PLUS Rapid Sample Introduction System

When coupled to a compatible autosampler, the ASXPRESS PLUS Rapid Sample Introduction Accessory minimizes times for sample delivery, stabilization, and washout with ICP-AES or ICP-MS.  The result is increased sample throughput by up to 5 times or more.  In addition, the ASXPRESS PLUS reduces costs from argon, power, ICP-AES / ICP-MS components, and system maintenance.

Increase sample throughput

Reduce sample delivery, stabilization and washout times

Reduce sample waste

Lower argon consumption

Reduce sample matrix exposure on ICP-AES / ICP-MS hardware

Eliminate sample memory effects from peristaltic pump tubing

Available in white or grey to match your system

CETAC ENC DC Series Autosampler Enclosures

ENC series DC Autosampler Enclosures won’t just protect your samples and employees, they will protect your peace of mind.

Save bench space with an enclosure sized to fit your autosampler

Flat pack design for inexpensive shipping

Shatter-proof polycarbonate construction

Quickly evacuates harmful fumes and protects samples from contamination

Prevents contamination and corrosion

Easy access to samples and autosampler components through front and rear

Chemical resistant materials: polycarbonate frame, silicone and polyethylene plugs, nylon fittings

Multiple configuration possibilities for vent and fan

Multiple ports for tubing and power cords

Can be used without the fan and filter to function as a convenient dust cover

Included 4” exhaust port flange allows fumes to be removed through a laboratory exhaust system

Optional fan maintains positive pressure

Optional HEPA filter

Optional rigid base for irregular lab surfaces

Multiple configuration possibilities and optional accessories allow you to configure the enclosure to best suit your requirements.


​Multiple ports. Placement of the vent and fan and routing tubing and power cords can be configured for any space.

Filtered positive pressure enclosure. When fitted with the optional fan and HEPA filter, the enclosure provides a positive pressure enclosure.

Vented enclosure. The addition of the flange allows the fumes to be removed through a laboratory exhaust system.

Dust cover. DC Enclosures can be used without the fan and filter to function as a convenient dust cover.

Rigid base. DC Enclosures can be fitted with an optional base for use on irregular surfaces.

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