Flash Chromatography Systems and Column

SepaBean System

Safe and Reliable Data Recording and Sharing

Eco-friendly Column Management

Convenient Mobile Operating Interface

``Smart`` and ``Knowledgeable`` Instrument

Internal Method Database : Accumulating separation knowledge and experience

Global Chemistry Knowledge Database : Separation and purification methods from global contribution

SepaFlash Column

Low fines; Neutral pH; 100% guaranteed leak-free

Clean, pre-packed, pharmaceutical-grade polypropylene cartridges

Made with UltraPure silica gel (we can pack your own source)

Tight particle-size distribution to avoid leaching and/or channelling, no tailing

Water activity and controlled water content for silica

Innovative and semi-automated packing technology

Five series available (Standard Series, E Series, HP Series, Bonded Series and iLOKTM Series)

Proprietary coating technology for TLC plates available

“Lot-to-lot” reproducibility since 2004

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